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, prepare for merger. a deal takes off between u.s. airways and american. what it means for consumers. troubled waters: insights on cruise stocks following carnival's rocky week. plus, does apple have a trick up its sleeve? traders give us their takes on wristwatch rumors. first business starts now. you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning. it's friday, february 15th. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: stocks stay stuck. stocks and comodities barely budged yesterday. a cross-current of postive news on jobs and m&a deals in the u.s. offset negative economic data out of europe, which held the market in check. shares of herblife soared 15% after hours on word carl ichan bought 14 million shares of the nutrition company. and tiffany is suing costco. tiffany claims the club chain is selling engagement rings bearing the tiffany name. traders will enjoy a long holiday weekend. with presidents' day coming up on monday, the markets will be closed. mark sebastian of option pit mentoring joins us on this friday for a closer look a
their business in the dark using a flashlight. one woman told us she still managed to buy groceries. >> everything is dark and super quiet. i went to the grocery store. just like the movie. >> reporter: it was scary. >> yeah, very scary. >> reporter: we found this man in his car. >> i was in my car charging my phone, looking up pg & e to see what's going on. >> reporter: the generator was running at fire station number five to keep the lights on there. firefighters responded to several calls when the power initially went out. >> it's an escalator problems. we assisted a gentleman in a wheelchair down the escalator. the other call was a call at a parking garage where people were locked inside. >> reporter: before 8:00 tonight. pg & e says 10,000 homes and busnesses are in the dark tonight. behind me, you can see that apple bee's lights are still on. amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the winter storm that blew into the bay area today brought a little bit of everything. rain, wind, hail. even some snow. and we have team coverage tonight our chief meteorologist bill martin is tracking
display ads on yahoo sites. the wall street journal reports american airlines and u.s. airways may announce a merger in a week or so. shares of u.s. airways flew higher. and let it snow! ski resort owners in the northeast are thrilled a foot of snow could drop by friday, making for a powder-packed weekend. mark sebastian of option pit mentoring joins us now for a closer look at the market. good morning to you. do you suspect with the strength that we have had in this market, that some people are going to want to take profits here mark? > > you know, maybe, but i wouldn't. i think we are due for a breather here at this 14,000 level in the dow. but there are going to be a lot of investors that see this train that has already left the station and want to get onboard. i think we are going to see an all-time high in the dow in the next 30 to 60 days. > wow. let's do some bonding: what do you think about the bond market? is this the time to buy there? > > for a short-term trader, yes. i think we have hit a near- term low. but over the long haul, rates are still really low historically.
a slew of cyber attacks on the u.s. means for americans and the web. plus, a look at the books. are wal-mart's numbers signaling trouble ahead? and, trading strategies in gold, coca-cola and herbalife from our team of traders. first business starts now. you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning. it's friday, february 22nd. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: selling continues in the market. stocks and commodities fell yesterday on distressing economic news, including a rise in unemployment claims. but it was the vix that made the day's biggest headline. the gauge of anxiety in the market jumped the most since 2011 this week. investors are becoming concerned about the march 1st deadline for sequestration even though traders tell us a deal is likely to happen. earnings after the close came in from hewlett packard. aig turned in a loss due to superstorm sandy. hpq shares shot up 6% last night on better-than-expected news. and today, the midwest is digging out from winter weather as the northeast prepares for the next round.
our support to us. >> reporter: corlina's father who escaped the fire could not bare returning here tonight. but her mother and siblings returned. >> she was trapped, she couldn't get out. she needed help. so now i'm asking for help. i need any help to get her buried. >> reporter: corlina has 10 surviving siblings so funeral costs will be difficult. on treasure island, deborah villalon, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> an assistant chief is looking on how to help his son escape the united states. squaw was detailed of raping his neighbor. he was captured in mexico this week and returned to fresno county this weekend. now kyle carver with the chp division is helping charges that he helped his son get out of the country. >>> the coast guard is still investigating a collision on the bay yesterday that left two people injured. a golden gate ferry was hit yesterday afternoon. two people on the smaller boat were hospitalized, their conditions have not been released. none of the 500 passengers on the ferry was injured. -- a golden gate ferry worker said that the injures came from the collision. >>
ravens. they will meet up with fans for a rally this morning. trader dan deming joins us now to get the ball rolling for us on this tuesday. good morning to you dan. > > good morning angie. > yesterday was the worst day for the stock market so far this year. what did you notice in trading? > > right now we saw a little bit of concern out there. the one thing i did notice is the fact that from last friday and yesterday we saw two 1% moves in the market: the s&p up about 1% last friday, down about 1% yesterday. so we are seeing now, at least short-term, realized volatility starting to pick up, and that is why i think you saw a significant pop in the vix, up about 15% around that 1465 area. > nonetheless, i am hearing from traders that this market will continue to do a slow grind higher. do you believe that? > > it appears to be the path of least resistance. you still have a lot of bears out there, and typically i'm one of those guys as well. right now the concerns out of europe rattled the markets yesterday. we will have to see if that stays in the market over the next couple of days
to continue the search using boats. >>> a couple went missing on a cycling trip in peru. they haven't been heard from in a month and a warning from the department is causing more concern. >>reporter: this is the last picture jamie neal and her boyfriend gart hand posted -- garrett hand posted on their facebook page. this is the last postthat they posted on his blog. >> we first must go to lima, we want -- we do not want to stay there long. >>reporter: garrett's family living room has been transformed into animation gathering headquarter. >> someone knows where he is right now. i want to hear from him. >>reporter: the family says garrett and jamie travelled from cusco to lima. but they officials say that witnesses saw the cousin in february. >> our family wants them to come home safely and we haven't heard from him. >>reporter: no cash transactions since last january. late this afternoon, the state department e-mailed us t "peru vian's authorities will do everything possible. the couple wouldn't take unnecessary risks. >> they wanted to know the people of south america and wanted to go to p
for several blocks. one woman nearby told us her 16- year-old son is among a dozen people detained by police for a homicide that took place a few days ago. she questions why police didn't contact her after they detained her son, who's a minor. we saw police question at least three people, and officers say items were removed from the home. members of the s.w.a.t. team were on scene. i was told the fbi has been called to insist in this operation. police have been tight lipped about the investigation. i contacted only oakland's police chief. back here live, we can see that the police have used a robot to go into the home down there. and they said the robot indicated no one was inside. now officers are using dogs to go on the ground and search for suspects. that is the latest from here. if we have more during the newscast, we will of course bring you an update. reporting live in east oakland, amber lee, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> police in west sacramento say one of their own is behind bars tonight, accused of sexually assaulting six women while on duty. 37-year-old sergio alvarez is currently in
last 30 seconds but stay with us all year long. find out how companies craft a winning super bowl spot. why the justice department is trying to break up a merger between beer companies. and, could google profit from gangnam? our traders search for the answers. first business starts now. you're watching first business: financial news, analysis, and today's investment ideas. good morning. it's friday, february 1st. i'm angela miles. in today's first look: january jobs. traders will key their trading off the latest news on the labor market from the goverment today. it's expected 195,000 jobs were added, and the unemployment rate will tick down to 7.7%. january joy: the first month of the year was a good one for the stock market. the dow's top performers gained nearly 6%, and among the commodities oil had its best start of a new year since 2006, which pumped up prices at the gas station. the average cost of gallon of unleaded jumped 13 cents this month. and in legal action, peregrine ceo russell wasendorf will get 50 years in prison - the max - for cheating investors out of $215 million. t
training officers will get on the mental health homeless use at risk and cultural awareness. >> reporter: a new law allows bart to prevent passengers. >> well, we have people that attack our station agents and patrons. obviously there's rights. >> reporter: bart officials say last year alone there were many assaults and unruly behavior. their goal is a safer, cleaner environment for everyone whop uses the system. >>> when it comes to the nonviolent acts, it's going to take three abouts in 90 consecutive days to get a prohibition order. >> i hope that it doesn't carry over. for instance, i'm not a criminal, and i wouldn't commit vandalism or anything, but i don't want to be profiled. >> this law will pretty much put people into -- i think it would be a outrage. >> if somebody is involved in serious bad issues, i think it's reasonable to ban them as long as there's a process in play to make sure it's not something minor. >> reporter: firms tell us the law is not aimed at protesters. there will also be a judicial review process for people who believe they were banned unfairly. live in oakl
's parent company, amr, and u.s. airways are scheduled for a separate meeting today to talk about a merger. larry shover of sfg alternatives joins us now for some trader talk this morning. good to have you on the show post the president's speech last night. how much will it mean to the markets today? > > you know, it was a really great speech last night, but i think a lot of that was priced into the market, because president obama did lay out his proposals and his plan quite a while ago, and there really was nothing material that changed from what he had spoken about even a couple months ago. > the market seemed to be a little concerned about some statements out of the g-7. how is that playing out? > > it is funny, the market is concerned, but i think they are more concerned with the g20 that is coming up on friday. right now we are just stuck in a micro-range right now, because people don't know what to make of it. there are so many headlines coming out of europe. i don't think people know what end is up right now. > here is a big headline: opec is talking about all the demand out there f
is on edge tonight after two men were attack inside their home. as rob roth explains the type of weapon used here is unsettling. >> reporter: 27th street last night -- >> we had multiple paramedic vehicles, we had eight cop cars. >> reporter: the police are not sure how three men got inside of this house but they attacked a 69-year-old owner with a hatchet. >> the first victim was asleep in his bed when he was suddenly attacked and awoke enby two or three suspect -- awokeen by two or three suspects where they attacked him with a hatchet. >> another man living there walked into the home and he, too, was attacked with the hatchet. neighbors saw the man who was attacked in his bed wheeled into an ambulance. >> he was pretty beat up. >> reporter: the police say they are looking for three men and have the vaguest of descriptions. they ransacked the house and fled with jewelry. some neighbors are shaken up by what happened especially with the weapon that was used. >> scary, very scary. especially, you know, most of these places don't have bars on their doors and you know, people might start thi
do you miss a bright orange 18-wheeler. >> they use this color for hunters in the woods. how do you miss this? >>> at first glance you might think a few grocery stores may have overwaxed their floors. because we're seeing some spills both people falling and some spills because some gallons of milk and juice are falling all over the place. but quickly you realize it's not the floors -- this is actually a prank video from the chasy channel, based out of vienna, virginia. these brothers have been filming and posting their pranks on the web for a while now. >> hold on to this cart. hold on. come back this way. >> now, as you can imagine, a lot of mixed reviews online. we've got the gang from the chazy channel, here with us on "right this minute" to talk to us about this video. >> did you get in trouble for this prank? i can't imagine the stores were happy about it. or did they not care? >> we didn't get in trouble actually they kind of felt bad. they kind of acted like it was just like a typical spill. >> they didn't realize it was a prank then? they thought these were legit accidents?
to be 18 or older to enter. >> tuesday's buzzword in just a bit. hang with us. >> good luck, everybody. >>> firefighters can never take any house fire for granted. you never know what's going to happen. they have to expect the unexpected. and in this case, the new hope, alabama, the unexpected happened. >> oh. >> that was an explosion. that explosion happened to be an oxygen tank. firefighters say one of the residents had an oxygen tank in the house. there was a fire in the kitchen. it spread and then the oxygen tank went off. >> wow. >> it looks like at this -- wait. they are fighting. i was going to say at this point didn't look like there were firefighters nearby but there they are. >> they were nearby but they were knocked on their bottoms by the explosion that happened in the house. the house was completely destroyed by fire. before the explosion happened you had fire coming out of the windows. you knew it was fully involved. once that explosion happened, you knew there was nothing they could do. >> thankfully nobody was that close right in the middle of that window. could have re
by a defensive back. mark ibanez is live and tell us the remarks may have become a major distraction for the team, mark -- >> reporter: no question about it. i just landed here a couple of hours ago, you kind of hit the ground running ready to have fun and games covering the super bowl. bourbon street, the super bowl, but no. this is a story that has legs. everywhere i've gone just in the last hour and a half or so they are talking about it. still. and this was the still day that chris coliver was available to the media as you would imagine, he was very popular for all the wrong reasons. big crowd around him, wanting to know more about his insensitive remarks particularly because he plays on a team based in san francisco. and as you would well imagine, the 49ers were in complete damage control mode top to bottom. >> i'm sorry that i offended anyone. those were very ugly comments and that's not what i feel in my heart. hopefully like i said learn and grow from this experience and this situation. and that i love san francisco. anybody have any entitlement to what they want to do and what they want
:00 this evening. a pickup truck carrying pool supplies overturned and authorities told us concentrated pool cleaning fluids spilled. a hazmat team came out and cleaned up the chemicals. >>> you can see the pictures after a crane tipped over, a massive steel crane toppled below. >> reporter: the coast guard tells me tonight that crane has been secured on the new power of the new bridge. the damaged beam has been taken down, a big scare but hopefully the workers are safe tonight. >> the two cranes working in tandem between them had al steel basket -- had a steel basket that was lowering the weight down. the crane shifted somehow and toppled over. >> reporter: the beam came crashing down puncturing but not sinking a barge below. john simpson took pictures as it fell skw-z -- we heard a very large crash and it started to topple over. >> reporter: a coast guard boat came over and put up a barrier around the scene. >> potentially significant safety herb issues for the operators of the crane. >> my assumption is that the contractor portion of the project has insurance and that it'll be covered t
us what it was like. >> all of a sudden a saw fur, sky, ground. >>> a sniper is syria nearly escapes an ambush. >> that's not what has people talking. >> why that sweatshirt looks familiar. >> some brits decide to go base jumping in a really extreme way. why they prayer before the jump was for a really good reason. plus wednesday's buzzword for your shot at an ipad mini. >> how many guys does it take to get a stray cat out of your house? >> i'm putting my money on the cat. >>> mother nature has some serious beef with a guy named jeff. this is him racing in a bike race in the second annual monster cross. he is a mountain bike guy, this is only like 15 minutes in, and then boom. that, my friends, was a doe that came out of the woods like a torpedo, straight into jeff, knocking him over. the deer comes out of nowhere, almost as if it was targeting jeff. this is not the only time that mother nature put a hit on jeff. during another race, notice the piker in front of him hopes over something, and jeff goes right into it, that is a giant pile of poop. but that's not all, again, jeff, out o
for practice but in light of his injury canceled it and linked hands to pray. >> they told us he had just got pressure relieved from his brain and he's in a coma. we're just praying he makes it through and he's all right. >> we don't really understand it. it's like you walk in the crosswalk for safety, but i guess sometimes things just happen. >> reporter: what happened here police say is still being investigated. the middle aged woman who struck hornsby stopped and cooperated and didn't show any impairment. >> a lot of people fly through this intersection. >> reporter: people who know the neighborhood well say solano way where it crosses grant is a trouble spot. >> there's two lanes that come here and one of them has to turn right and one goes straight and sometimes people in both lanes keep going right through the intersection. >> people fly down here all day, 45, 50 miles an hour. no one does anything. cops don't care. >> it's the exact same spot that. could have easily been me. >> reporter: this classmate said he was hit on his bike last summer in the same crosswalk by a driver who saw
' conditions. they had horrific injuries. >> reporter: this evening, the battalion chief showed us where four bullets hit the ladder truck during yesterday's shootout with the suspect. tonight, we learned plans are in the works for what likely will be a dual funeral next week. maureen naylor, ktvu, channel 2 news. >>> santa cruz is a college town, a tourist destination, and a beach community with a laid back feel. the mayor says these killings have left the city heartbroken. >> they weren't just officers, they're our friends, they're our neighbors. these are people we saw in our schools and in our streets. we're all impacted by this tremendously. >> reporter: at the bay federal credit union, donors can make checks out to the santa cruz police officers association. at wells-fargo, the police officer's association and the police department has set up the baker butler scholarship fund. >>> he said that the officers were doing a routine follow-up, and had no reason to expect they'd be in any danger, and that after the gunman killed them, he took their weapons, and their car. as ktvu's noel walker
this afternoon. bart tells us that the suspicious object was spotted on the tracks at the el cerrito -- del norte station. the walnut creek police bomb squad was called to check it out. bart shut down both the del norte location and the richmond stations a precaution. >> item, the suspicious item that is not explosive material. >> bart re-opened those stations at about 2:30 this afternoon. >>> a fatality shooting at the a popular east bay street festival, how organizers are responding tonight in the wake of the velocity. >>> and turkish authorities now looking at surveillance video of an american tourist hoping to find out why she was . >>> in a meter of seconds this south bay power-plant long san diego bay came crumbling down this morning. crews use more than 300 pop ups of dynamite to implode the structure which dated back to the 1950's. once the rubble and debris is cleared the site will be the new home of a public park. plant was shut down three years ago, so workers could prepare for the demolition. >>> it's an event member to highlight oakland's creative vibe, but last night gunfire erupte
't releasing information about the case including how genelle allen died. a relative told us she had been's during old. her body was found friday. she was reported missing the night before. today police vowed to do everything they can to catch the killer. >> we want to catch them. we want to make sure we present a case to determine what happens. >> police have set up a tip line and are asking anyone to give them a call. san francisco police are providing information about the 1984 disappearance of kevin collins. investigators hope today about a person of interest. the man, who is deceased had many aliases and a criminal history. >> reporter: kevin kevin collins remains frozen in time. he disappeared after school in 1984. >> this case is a case as hard to the department. >> reporter: today police revealed details about the wind and jackson. described as a person of interest. he died in 2008. police say he fits the description of a man collins was seen talking to. >> he lived not far from where the abduction happened. he had a dog similar to the dog that the suspect had. >> reporter: a
drought conditions are expanding in key farm states. todd horwitz of the adam mesh group joins us for trader talk this morning. they are calling it "snowmageddon" in the northeast, with the big blanket of snow. will that affect trading volumes today? > > good morning. you know, i don't think so. with today's electronic trade, we can trade from anywhere. so you will have people trading from home, they will be trading from their cars stuck in the snow, they will trade from everywhere. the volume has already been so low that i don't think much more can affect it to make it much lower unless it's a holiday. > now that winter is finally here, what do you see in heating oil? > > heating oil made a new high yesterday. listen, if it's going to be cold, there is going to be demand for heating oil, and they're finally going to probably break out and go higher. the market always reacts to what is going on, and right now it is getting cold, it is getting snowy, so, probably heating oil is on its way up. > what is your european trade? with the eu summit happening, is the risk back on? > > you
are now made with no high fructose corn syrup. and why we use only natural colors and natural flavors in yoplait original. so, anything else we can do for you, let us know. but you'll keep it to yogurt, right? 'cause we shouldn't really help with your love life. yoplait. it is so good! >>> $1 million for information that will lead to mr. dorner's capture. >>> a seven figure reward being offered tonight to end the man hunt for a former cop accused of killing three people. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. >> we will not tolerate this ring of terror. we will not tolerate this murdering remaining at large. >>> strong words tonight as the search for a former cop turned killer heads into a week leaving southern california on edge. tonight a new tactic in the search for christopher dorner. the reward, some may call it a bounty . >> reporter: los angeles has so much to lose if he strikes again. >> there are over 50l.a.p.d. families that have not only security, but surveillance. >> reporter: cops in fear, in fact, today's briefing was held under ground at the pol
the identity of the victim who was found over there in this parking lot. they would not tell us her name and age but they know who she is and where she came from. >> reporter: the process lasted most of the day finally around 5:00 p.m. the police announced this victim was the same person reported missing last night after not returning home from school. >> we think that the investigation, again, we picked it up and when our officers were actually attempting to get additional information from the reporting party is when we were notified by the pd their case. >> reporter: at 6:45 a passerby found the body and contacted the police. they shutdown the parking lot. this afternoon we met a man who driven by at 5:00 a.m. and said he saw something suspicious. >> a car parked in the parking lot facing south with his headlights on with a larger man standing next to his car. it just struck me funny all day. >> reporter: the police tell me they are following up on that information. they add the girl was found naked but no obvious signs of trauma. they say she was a young teen. nearby residents are
mentoring joins us on this monday morning for a closer look at the markets. mark, it finally happened: the dow closed above 14,000. what does that mean to traders this week? > > well, i think that we are going to see that same trend that we have been seeing all of january continue through february. without a real catalyst, i think this slow grind higher continues, and we could see the dow break its all-time record this month. > it feels like restaurant week for the markets. a number of restaurant chains are reporting in, including chipotle and yum! brands. what do you expect? > > i am a big fan of both of those. chipotle and yum! brands have really been going after each other, between taco bell and chipotle. so, it should be kind of interesting to see how that competition pans out. it is kind of like coke/pepsi in the '90s. > what about the jobs number? what kind of fallout do you expect will be in the market this week from that number? > > that jobs number was... ok. and the fact that we didn't sell off on it means we are probably going to go higher on it. > would you be a buyer of t
who lives right next to the crime scene and he told us what was going through his head tonight. >> that unknowing is unnerving. i don't know what is going on. >> has there ever been in the disturbances of peer. >> is a wonderful place. we have heard from neighbors and officers off the camera. some people traffic was hurt around 9:30 a.m.. no one has reported hearing gunshots at least according to the sheriff's deputies. and now it's just a mystery as to exactly what's happened here. we are told that investigators are trying to get more syntax of tire tracks to locate some kind of vehicle designed to determine what kind of vehicle might have been here when the crime occurred. a lot of questions that need to be answered but investigators do have a search warrant now. they are going inside the house where the three victims was found shot to death. well have more information about what the investigators had found inside the house. we will have all that here on the to the companies. we are live in sonoma county. >> two new developments in the case of a deer kill the girl found in th
do you think about germany? > > you know, europe good is good for the u.s. that has been kind of the big laggard on, i think, the global economy. so if europe gets its act together, i think the s&ps go to the moon. > what would you buy right now then, just an s&p index? > > yeah, i would be looking at spiders or an s&p future, or call options on the s&p futures with the vix so low. > you are definitely a bull in this market. > > absolutely. > would you buy any stocks related to germany? > > you know, maybe. i think i would still like to stick to core u.s., because u.s. continues to lead the overall world. > mark, great to have you on the show. we will see you in a bit. > > thanks for having me. president obama turns up the heat on members of congress to avoid automatic cuts to federal funding that could start by the end of next week. the deadline was created to help settle the debt ceiling crisis in 2011. but as our cover story explains, so far, sequestration has become another term for a stalemate. standing among first-responders who'd face cutbacks statrting march first, pre
and crap. >> how do you use it when going like a guy's not an option. >> what do you have to do. >> like you're a catcher. >>> a group of visitors went to the glacier in the padagonia region of argentina. it was captured a couple weeks ago but recently unloadeded to live science. if you notice this glacier is forming a bridge. >> is that rare for a glacier to form an ice bridge like that? >> it connects to an arm of one of the lakes in argentina making it extremely rare that it could form that bridge. so these guys are just there watching in awe. admiring the view. keep watching. all of a sudden the glacier starts to move. it bits and pieces start to fall. >> oh, boy. it ruptures and -- >> oh. the whole bridge collapsed. >> the whole thing collapses into this arm of the lake. >> isn't that spectacular? >> and to be there when that happens. that's -- boy. how are you in the right place at the right time. you would have to sit there with a video camera forever. >> that's awesome. >> that thing collapses. like the glacier did something, just chunks of ice falling into the water. >> it's mas
. our cover story takes a look at the government's case and where it may lead. u.s. attorney general eric holder says the case goes to the very heart of the recent financial crisis. in a civil lawsuit, he accuses standard and poor's ratings services and its parent company mcgraw hill of downplaying and disregarding the true extent of subprime mortgage risk so large investment banks could sell them to unsuspecting buyers. "s&p misled investors, including many federally-insured financial institutions, causing them to lose billions of dollars." s&p calls the lawsuit "meritless," adding, "claims that we deliberately kept ratings high when we knew they should be lower are simply not true." attorney hugh totten thinks the government's efforts are misguided. "the ratings companies are not the primary sellers of these collateralized debt obligations. these guys just rated these things." s&p ratings are considered reliable opinions in a field where the number of competitors is limited. yet s&p says its ratings weren't much different from theirs. but the justice department alleges that s&p's h
capital joins us on this monday morning for a closer look at the markets. we have to talk about the snow situation. how did it affect the market even on friday? > > on friday we saw such a sharp drop-off in volume. the market in general, volume has been nothing to really write home about, because it has been subdued. and that usually happens in this low-volatility kind of one-way street, non- eventful marketplace. so, when you get a weather concern, it is even less of an incentive for traders to participate in the market. so, a drop off in volume is really a natural occurrence in this environment. > you are just back from china. what did you find there? > > lots of pollution. i was in beijing for two days. i have been in china numerous times, and this was by far the worst i've ever seen it. but, aside from that, you look at the economy, things are moving. it is bouncing right along, and they are rebalancing the economy. you can see the service sector, the financial sector, different things moving. so i think in general things are moving in china. there is still a lot to be done and a lot
the ground tells us that police are on the scene right now processing sxefd reviewing security tapes from the area. the stabbing happened about 3:15 on north 21st street an east julian street right next to san jose high school. a family friend told our crew the victim was about 14 years old. at this point it's not clear if the teenager was a student there at the high school. investigators are looking into whether the stabbing is gang related. this marks san jose's fiftd homicide of the year. >>> now to oakland where police are investigating a fatal shooting that happened about 2:30 this afternoon inside the apartment on 16th avenue. police said they were searching for two men seen running away. it appears the victim was visiting the apartment and did not live there. this is oakland's tenth homicide of the year. >>> and in northern slau know county a pilot was killed this afternoon when his small plane crashed. the crash was reported about 4. 15 today south south of winter. officials now say it was an experimental plane. there are reports of witnesses seeing a wing fall off the plane while
joins us on the show. good morning to you. > >good morning. > >let's start with the united states. we have the sequestration question. what will it mean for traders today? > >here's what i'm thinking the sequestration thing will do--- in the long run, i'm not to worried about it. i think the market will still grow. i don't think it will have a tremendous impact on our gdp. but in the short term going up until friday when we see some sort of a decision one way or the other. if they don't look like they're coming to a resolution, the market is going to get a bit scared and you're probably gonna see a bit of a pullback. for two reasons---one the sequestration issue and secondly the markets rallied quite a bit. i won't be surprised to see somewhat of a pullback. > >across the pond, italy is wrapping up an important election that could be key in europe. what will that mean to trading? > >it's a little early to take any subtance out of it right now. i wanna see how this plays out and what impact it's gonna have on the eurozone if any and then we'll work from there. in the bigger picture, ag
county. investigators at the crime scene tell us they expect to be processing evidence all night long. happening now, ktvu's ken wayne is live along ross station road in forestville where he's learned the three male victims were found together in a back bedroom of that house. ken-- >> reporter: julie, homicides in this part of the area are rare, homicides are unheard of. the chief tells us he has not heard of one since the 1980s. investigators have been going in and out of the area. three men were shot and killed here but he is not releasing many details. he does say people associated with the victims are cooperating with authorities. and that hopefully will lead to the identity of the person or persons responsible for this crime. investigators say this was not a murder suicide but they would not say much more about the crime scene. >> there did not appear to be a struggle and they died of gunshot wounds. >> kind of an execution style. >> i'm not going to discuss. >> reporter: is it a murder suicide? >> it is not a murder suicide. >> reporter: the bodies found together in one bedroom
mud reservoirs are 88% full right now. still, officials say we could use more rain. another bright, and brilliant sunset other the bay, as we experience the kind of weather, people from colder climates envy. >> a lot better than back home, gets reports of snow, and big deep snow and everybody out building snowmen. >> reporter: the east bay municipal utilities district gets most of its water from the macolume river watershed. so far, this year, it's seen 24 inches of precipitation. so much rain fell in november, and december, that east bay mud actually started releasing water from party reservoir. >> you can't decide when the weather comes, or how much of it comes at a certain time. it's been dry for a while. we think it's going to be a dry for a while. >> reporter: if the dry spell continues, water levels will fall. >> too much, we'd like to see a couple of storms. >> reporter: lynn davis has seen the changes at that reservoir. >> the water was too low in the lake for five years. >> reporter: a new yorker blames the dry spell on climate change. >> it's great to enjoy, but this migh
and he join us now. >> reporter: the parade has been over for two hours and the clean up is well on the way. this lighting set is being broken down. and based on the smiles of people leaving the parade, it was another success. the weather could not have been nicer. >> just out here with family having a good time and celebrating chinese new year, the year of the snake. >> reporter: with such nice conditions. the huge crowd was fired up. >> reporter: mayor ed lee showed off. >> every year we get to show off the biggest parade in the world. this is like number 10 in the world. >> reporter: it was a night for marching bands including this one from uc davis. fireworks and floats some of the stars of the show were the smallest of performers including these youngsters from west portal school. >> we know little kids who are in the parade. i'm happy there are so many little ones, they are so cute. >> the youngsters were so excited about all they were seeing. >> it's so awesome because there's a big parade and a lot of people. >> reporter: the korean hit ganghan style got a lot of people o
of duty today. look for us at ktvu channel 2 news. >>> new developments now concerning a young bay area couple thought to be missing while on a biking trip. there's now word they've been spotted in a remote area of the amazon in peru. amber lee is live in concord where their family says they need proof before they can celebrate. >> reporter: we're at the home of garrett's sister, where his mom released a statement that says, until we hear from garrett, we cannot -- >> panic set in when they didn't hear from the couple who had been posting updates of their trip regularly on social media. relatives now say they suspect the couple hadn 't been in touch because they were in the remote area. >> to tell her how much i was worried about her and how i wish they would have stayed in contact. hopefully they just didn't have reception. >> reporter: i spoke by phone with garrett's mother francine fitzgerald. she says she received phone calls from the american embassy and peruvian police. a friends says the family is just anxious hearing from the couple. >> they're holding together, they're staying
took us to games and shot baskets with us. and just believed in us. >> nobody would fight for us more than my mom. no matter what the situation was or teach us how to have each other's back. whether it was a scrape in the neighborhood. she made it clear that we were to have each other's back no matter what. that was our mom because she was with us every single day. dad worked a lot. he was around. we were with dad. mom took us to practices but mom was with us all the time. >> that was the most interesting part of the conference because you always here how their dad did this and did that and helped them with their football career. and isn't it always all about mom. and they let that known. we're going to hear from some 49er fans and some other well known faces around the bay area that you're going to want to see as to who they think and why they'll win the game on sunday. you won't want to miss because you'll be hearing from the likes of steve young and jerry rice and a little charicature to tease you with. in the meantime in a real quiet part of new orleans, i'm mark ibanez. back to y
was at work, showed us the damage. >> they were all carrying guns and basically the intention was to kill everybody in the family. they didn't take nothing. they didn't want no witnesses. >> at this point, there are only vague descriptions of the intruders who remain on the introduce. >>> after an unusually dry january, we finally had some wet weather pass through the area today. we took these pictures in china town, just a light drizzle, but enough to bring out the rain coat and umbrellas. we may see more rain before the night is out. >>> that's right. the rain showers have been developing this evening twochlt weeks of dry weather -- 2 weeks of dry weather coming to an end today. nothing too impressed. you can see about a hundredth of an inch toward livermore, san jose, 2 hundreds of an inch. >> as you can see, on live storm tracker 2, some more activity and coverage developing. we'll begin up toward the north bay, the darker shades mean some accumulation for us. >> rainfall rate do pick up around daily city. >> moving parallel to the cost line right around half moon bay. >> the chance o
about the day. joe cusik joins us for that. he is from options express. good morning joe. we had earnings after the close coming in from cisco. what is your first thought? > > you know what, cisco came in, they did what they expected. the thing is that they diversified their revenues from the switching and routing, and now they are looking at that i.t. infrastructure. so, that actually could bring revenues a little bit more rapidly, even though there was a drop-off. obviously the hard part is that while the macroeconomic trend has been positive, they are heavily saturated in europe. we want to see that pipeline start to pick up as far as usage. but they are diversifying, and their enterprise sales have been very strong. their enterprise units have been selling and actually spending more money than they anticipated. so again, the revenue streams are coming in from areas that they traditionally weren't focused on, more on the i.t. side. > how much do the latest retail sales numbers mean to traders? the numbers are coming in stronger than people expected, and it seems like that tax
released without charges. the u.s. supreme court is expected to rule this summer on california's gay marriage ban. if possible same sex couples may be able to be married next valentine's day. >>> candy and cards aren't enough are in some. they needed a pillow fight. >> the crowd of fighters still at herman plaza in san francisco, has become a tradition of the take a look at these pictures and you'll see not everyone got the message. last year, the over time bill for clean up crews was estimated at $5,000. some say it's worth it for the joy of pillow combat. >>> the sheriff's office confirmed a few hours ago, human remains found in a burned cabin has been identified as fugitive christopher dorner. the former la police officer died tuesday after being pinned down. the fire was igno, sired by teargas canisters. the remains were identified through dental records. they believe him through shootings. 4 people were killed, include it would go law enforcement officers. >>> sandra elementary school was closed after a 19-year-old man was shot and killed overnight on the school grounds. our rep
father is upset that he was not aware the concert was a rave, a place where drugs are used frequently. >> that conversation parents have to know. someone can give you something and say this is what it is. there's no way for you to know. >> reporter: tickets are still on sale for tomorrow night's benefit show. and the burnes hope to get the always buddy program into local middle schools sometime this spring. we're live in petaluma, deborah villalon ktvu news. >>> the obama administration called for the -- the legal brief usuals -- urges the court to appeal the doma vote. the voter approved ban on same- sex marriage. >>> now the south bay where santa clara county sheriff's deputies say they seized 70 pounds of marijuana and hundreds of marijuana plants. the department's marijuana agency says it uncovered the operation yesterday. deputies arrested 32-year-old tran. they say the total street value for all of the marijuana is about $600,000. >>> a bay area man who spent seven years at san quentin is enjoying his first taste of freedom tonight after a judge determined that he had been wron
is here to help us navigate the trading day. it could be a critical day here. good to have you on the show larry. what caused that big move yesterday in the market in the late trading session? > > to me it was about the sequester, everybody knew the politicians were going to come on financial tv and kind of start sparring back and forth, and it certainly doesn't look like we are getting closer to a deal, and we are getting closer and closer, and the market finally had enough and started selling off. > how concerned should we be about that massive move in the vix? it jumped about 28% yesterday. > > i think you should be quite a bit concerned. it was up, like you said, 25 or 30% yesterday. if it is up 25 or 30% again today, it is not because the market is going up, it is because it is going down and we are hitting new lows. > ben bernanke, the fed chair, will be on capitol hill today. what do you make of that? will it make a difference to the market? > > you know, to me, it can only bring it down. it's not like he has some miraculous thing he is going to say that's going to make everybody fe
is live in santa cruz where he's been following developments for us all afternoon and evening long. matt is live now with what's happening there in santa cruz. matt. >> just in the past ten minutes this bus showed up, and we just watched as officers and dep tis escorted some of the children from a preschool in this area that was on lockdown during this whole incident. it is now just after 7:00 and these kids have been locked down, again, in montessori preschool here on branciforte for the last several hours as this investigation continues today. now, the sheriff told me they don't believe there are any outstanding suspects, and the public is not in danger, but we've seen several deputies with rifles walk the perimeter here branciforte and water in the past several minutes. again, we're watching as some of these pre-school-age children are being taken toth county building where they'll be reunited with their parents. the sheriff says he is going to have his deputies still walk door to door and go from closet to closet just to be safe but, again, he doesn't believe there are any outstandin
new customers are signing on to buy the new phone. larry shover of sfg alternatives is with us on this morning to take a look at the markets. good to have you on the show, and what matters most to the market here, larry - what is happening with italy or comments from fed chair ben bernanke? > > right now i think it is more about bernanke. we saw that yesterday with that bounce- back rally. it seems like the market seems to be looking around italy knowing it's going to be a long process, it's going to be choppy for the next several weeks, but it was definitely all about bernanke. > j.p. morgan's jaime dimon says that the banks will have too much capital in about two- and-a-half years. is it time for investors to bulk up on those banks? > > i do. i think so. they have gotten beaten up, and j.p. morgan is one of my favorites. i think people are starting to sell it because mortgage activity has gone flat. capital market activity hasn't been as good as expected, but long- term, it is a very, very good fundamental buy. > we are getting to the end of the month. what are you looking fo
. before it started or after it finished, fine with the venomous substance, once they do it, using a knife top push it away gently. don't have a special knife for cutting the fish free and they're able to do it. >> there he goes. >> i'm outta here, and they keep working. >> speaking of sea trash, some divers were out in thailand as well, and they came upon a big load of floating rubbish, and what do they find inside in the middle of it? a turtle. >> look at all that stuff. you can't even say what it is. it's just a bunch of junk. >> a reminder to pick up your trash. they put the turtle on the boat and boat it away a little bit because they didn't want to put it in the same area figuring he might get trapped again. >> they need garbage men of the sea to clean this junk up. that one guy was doing sign language for a sea turtle, which we can all do, and we can teach our fans what to sign language for sea turtlese. >>> you guys might remember this video that i brought you a few days ago. a security guard with a lapel cam in downtown atlanta outside of the metro mall. a conflict starts happenin
's buzzword and you have to be 18 or older to enter. >> stick with us. >> good luck, everybody. >> riding under the influence, something you normally think about in a car. this woman allegedly drunk on the back of her horse. this is in new englannew zealan. she went down to a popular area of bars and restaurants and tried to ride the horse. here the police drag her off the horse and police say this woman 48 years old was offering rides to bar patrons and saying, hey, come on, jump on my horse, i will take you for a ride up and down the street. not cool with the police. not cool with the spca as well. they're launching their ownig f >> clearly you can see a lot of people standing around watching this go down, a couple of different angles of this incident. sadly, people are laughing at the whole scenario. she was charged with being drunk in a public place and disorderly behavior. >> the police officer yanked her off the horse in like a second. >> the horse was picked up by an animal control officer after this. it has since been returned to the owner. >> it is a boxing match between dude and
. >>> in the same system that brought us rain is bringing fresh snow to the high sierra tonight. this was the scene at the boreal ski resort at boreal summit. the resort got up to 6-inches of snow. the storm is expected to continue to bring snow to the sierra overnight. this is a look at interstate 80 at soto springs, as you can see snow is blanketing the area there. for those hitting the road to tahoe, caltrans is requiring chains on both 80 and highway 50. >>> and stay with the 10:00 news bill will be back at 10:20 with another look at storm tracker 2 and tomorrow's forecast. >>> about 150 people marched in the streets of san francisco tonight to protest an alleged act of police brutality. ktvu's p atti lee is live. >> reporter: if not for the rain. protesters might still be here who were guarding the station just a few feet away. 18-year-old kevin clark is the latest poster child in the campaign against the alleged police brutality. at 24th and mission two weeks ago, this video shows what some say police were using excessive force pushing clark's face into a a storm drain. >> an assault on one
swarmed in. the suspect tried to escape by using a smoke grenade but retreated back to the cabin but not before shooting two san bernardino police officers. >> one of our officers has been wounded and unfortunately one of our deputies was killed. >> reporter: the cabin erupted in flames although it's not clear how the fire started. the l.a. times reports police heard a single gunshot before the house burns down. tonight authorities could not confirm earlier today that dorner's body was found in the confirmed cabin. >> there was a suspect who fled into the forest. barricaded himself into a cabin. engaged in gunfire with deputy sheriff. shot two of our deputy sheriffs and killed one and we believe he is still inside that building that caught fire. >> reporter: dorner is a former l.a. police officer who says he was wrongly fired. his lengthy police manifesto says he will go after law enforcement. >> i want to thank fire and local law enforcement who day and night tried to bring christopher dorner to justice. >> reporter: police say they will wait overnight to determine whether the b
his dog out of the pooch pokey. here he is kissing her feet. >> thank you so much. >> to tell us all about what she did, we have maria sanchez via skype, "right this minute," from san bernadino, california. you were able to raise $2,000 for this man and his dog. tell us about the money, where is it going to right now? >> well, so far the money has gone to his fees at the shelter, money at the vet was spent and shopping spree at pet smart. >> why this man and this dog to raise this money for? >> why not. i would hope someone would do this for me. >> i hear there's a new development about the man, money and dog. >> channel 5 called me and said they seefld a voice mail from him saying i won't give him his mon money. i explained what i told him last night, i told him every dime that we raised is going to him and buzz but i did explain to him that i'm not just handing him over cash. any of those bills that needs to get paid i'm going to take care of it until the money runs off. he didn't say anything to me. after i'm getting these phone calls i can't believe it. >> what would have happene
've never seen before on this show and he tells us right here. >> we're going to try it. >> he says, we're going to the fire. >> there's a fire burning beneath him. you can hear that beeping. that's monitoring how high up he is. faster beeps the higher up he's going. you can hear and start to see the fire beneath him. he gets closer and purposely puts himself on top of this fire and you can see what happens and listen. . >> why? >> you can see how fast it shoots him up. at one point 164 feet in the air. he recognizes how dangerous this is because you never know how the glider will react. in a competition like this, they're following a specific course they have to fly around and the winner is basically the guy who flies the fastest around the course. i don't know if this is something that sped him up, helped him win, but something he did on purpose. you see other paragliders around him and in the fields below you can see other fires burning. i would think if you're a power glider and looking for the gust of hot air to lift you up that's as good as it gets. >> sizable fire. >> i bet that
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